Jupiter BPO operational centre is locate in Macedonia in Europe and provides hybrid working conditions focused on attracting the best local talent.

We provide highly skilled and experienced employees for the following:

– Customer Support
– Accounting and Bookkeeping

– Sales and Lead Generation

– HR and Administrative Support

– Digital Marketing and SEO

Outsourcing can provide cost savings, access to specialized expertise, improved efficiency, and the ability to focus internal resources on core competencies. It also provides flexibility to scale operations up or down.

Jupiter BPO is perfectly positioned in central Europe and is able to work during the ideal business hours for the US, UK, Australia and European markets.

The European outsourcing hidden gem, Macedonia.

Macedonia has emerged as a prominent outsourcing destination in recent years. With its skilled workforce, cost reducing advantages, favorable business environment, and strategic location, Macedonia offers numerous benefits for companies considering outsourcing their operations and hiring remote employees.

Below we will breakdown the main 4 points on why outsourcing to Macedonia with Jupiter BPO will help your business.

” We are proud to create opportunities for our business partners to reduce their operational costs and in the same time supporting our community. “

Ivancho Angelevski

Skilled Workforce

Macedonia offers a highly skilled, multilingual workforce ideal for outsourcing. The country excels in technical education, producing proficient graduates in engineering, IT, and business. Competitive labor costs, high productivity, strategic European location, and supportive government policies further enhance its appeal for seamless business operations and market connectivity.

Cost Efficiency

One of the key reasons to outsource to Macedonia is its cost efficiency. The labor costs in Macedonia are considerably lower compared to many Western countries, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to reduce their expenses while maintaining quality services. Outsourcing to Macedonia can lead to significant cost savings without compromising on the talent and expertise available.

Strategic Location

Macedonia is strategically located in Southeast Europe, providing easy access to both European and international markets. Its time zone overlaps with many European countries, enabling real-time communication and collaboration. This geographic advantage makes Macedonia an ideal outsourcing destination for businesses seeking proximity to key markets.

Cultural Compatibility

Macedonian professionals generally have a good understanding of Western business culture and are fluent in English, which facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with clients from English-speaking countries. The cultural compatibility between Macedonian professionals and their Western counterparts minimizes potential barriers and ensures effective teamwork and project execution.

Overall, outsourcing to Macedonia provides businesses with access to a skilled workforce, cost advantages, a strategic location, government support, and cultural compatibility. These factors make Macedonia an attractive outsourcing destination for organizations seeking to enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Our Promise

  • Transparent Cost Structure – Management, Salary and Tax Fee Breakdown.
  • Domain Expertise – We use our industry experience and expertise to optimize your operations.
  • Data Security and Confidentiality – We have internal cybersecurity team dedicated to data safety.
  • Fortnightly and Monthly Reports – We help you stay on top of your KPIs with our reports.
  • World Class Lead Generation – We utilize the best lead generation platforms Zoominfo, Seamles, Apollo…
  • Scalability and Flexibility – Whether you want 1 employee or 10 we are here to support you.
  • Technology Advancements – We dedicated our resources to implement the newest technologies.
  • Respect, Relationship, Representation – We are great believers of treating our clients and employees with great care and decency.


Allow us to showcase our operational capabilities and how we have deliver an exceptional value to our partners in their mission to improve productivity, workflow, revenue and profits while making their experience seamless and cost-effective.