Jupiter BPO Team visiting and exploring Ohrid

In the 2nd quarter, we organized a team-building event in Ohrid, Macedonia, home to one of the oldest monasteries and rich in cultural heritage. Our team explored the local culture, flora, and fauna. The journey started with a bus ride from our headquarters to the pier, followed by tea and coffee at a local cafe. We then took a boat to the Saint Naum Ohridski Monastery for lunch, enjoying the beautiful scenery. This event fostered new friendships and inspired great ideas.

We look forward to our next team-building event in Quarter 3. Stay tuned!

Jupiter BPO operational centre is locate in Macedonia in Europe and provides hybrid working conditions focused on attracting the best local talent.

We provide highly skilled and experienced employees for the following:

– Customer Support
– Accounting and Bookkeeping

– Sales and Lead Generation

– HR and Administrative Support

– Digital Marketing and SEO

Outsourcing can provide cost savings, access to specialized expertise, improved efficiency, and the ability to focus internal resources on core competencies. It also provides flexibility to scale operations up or down.

Jupiter BPO is perfectly positioned in central Europe and is able to work during the ideal business hours for the US, UK, Australia and European markets.

Investing in team building isn't just about creating friendships, it's about strengthening the very foundation of our company. A united team, driven by shared goals and mutual respect, enhances our collective strength, innovation, and resilience.


Allow us to showcase our operational capabilities and how we have deliver an exceptional value to our partners in their mission to improve productivity, workflow, revenue and profits while making their experience seamless and cost-effective.